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Last days before the 2023 harvest rush!

With the summer season continuing for many, our eyes are already on the long-awaited event of the harvest. Each year, this period marks the effervescence and feverish activity at the estate, with the preparation of the harvest of the ripe fruits of the work of a whole year.


The anticipation of the harvest is felt as we are busy preparing the equipment, the teams, and the vines. Meticulous care is given to the vines, ensuring that the clusters reach their peak in terms of flavors and sugar. Regular analyzes of the grapes are carried out to determine the optimal time for harvest, a crucial decision that will influence the taste profile of the wine to come.


The harvest raises special expectations this year, as weather and climate conditions have played a decisive role in the development of the grapes. Experts predict unique flavor characteristics due to subtle variations in growing conditions. We are hoping for a bumper harvest thanks to a hot summer followed by a cooler overnight ripening period.


Everyone looks forward to participating in this annual adventure of transforming grapes into exquisite nectar that will capture the unique flavors of this season.

The opportunity to vinify a very beautiful 2023 vintage!

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