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Since 1951.

About us

Welcome to Terres de Ravel, winegrowers in Mediterranean region for 3 generations. If the family draws its roots from the soil of Provence, not far from Pierrefeu du Var, it is on the other side of the Mediterranean that the adventure of these farmers in the soul began. Citrus orchards preceded the birth of the vineyard. Very famous at the time, Ravel oranges even participated in the creation of the orangettes of the famous Saint-Etienne confectionery.

From the 1950s, François-Joseph Ravel refocused his activity in Provence around the family cradle. Château Montaud was restored, the adjoining land was shaped into large terraces with schist soil, the first plantings of the vineyard in Provence began and a wine cellar was created.

Then, it’s time to Château Guiranne, Château l’Oasis and finally Château Garamache to enter the family fold. Their lands radiate around Pierrefeu and thus each bring their characteristics. Culture is always at the heart of the family's priorities ; Over the years, vines and olive trees have replaced orchards of peach, nectarine and other fruit trees.

François-Louis Ravel and his wife Béatrice met the technical and commercial challenges of the 70s to the 90s by greatly developing the export sector.

Since then, it has been Frédéric Ravel's turn to take up the new challenges that climate change and the evolution of the world are throwing at us. Sustainable culture, new markets,new technologies... With the 21st century, the adventure continues on Terres de Ravel which today offers you products certified as High Environmental Value


Respecting traditions for 4 generations, we work to apply the principles of sustainable agriculture.

We favor all actions allowing us to preserve and develop biodiversity on our vineyard, validating these practices within the framework of public and official HVE (High Environmental Value) certification since 2019.

A real environmental commitment, to produce responsibly.


Rolle : A flagship grape variety for Côtes de Provence whites, late-ripening Rolle adapts perfectly to hot and dry climates. Of great taste and olfactory quality, combining aromas of citrus and pear, this grape variety of great vigor brings finesse and balance to the wines.

Syrah : Recognizable by its small black berries with bluish reflections, covered with a thin,resistant film, Syrah produces wines with aromas of red fruits, solid and colorful, rich in tannins. This grape variety offers wines suitable for prolonged aging. Year after year its evolution brings the wine characteristic notes of vanilla, Havana and candied red fruits.

Tibouren : An authentic Provence grape variety, both rich and generous, Tibouren offers gourmet and elegant wines. Ideal as a blend for rosé wines, it brings freshness and finesse as well as structure. It is the ideal partner for other Provençal grape varieties.

Cinsault : This grape variety of Provençal origin has long been used as a table grape. It is widely used in Provence for the production of rosé wines. It brings freshness and finesse, it is also fruity, nuanced the power of other grape varieties.

Mourvèdre : Its small, tight berries flourish in our terroirs which are conducive to their development (warm and limestone). This grape variety matures slowly: it likes to contemplate the sea to reach maturity. It has been established in Provence for a very long time. Mourvèdre produces full-bodied wines with fine, assertive tannins. When young, the wine made from this grape variety has aromas of violet and blackberry. Its velvety and suppleness, accompanied by characteristic notes of spices, pepper and cinnamon, are revealed after everal years of aging in the cellar.

Viognier : Viognier is a resistant grape variety that does not get by with much: poor, dry and stony soils suit it well. Naturally rich in alcohol, it produces round and generous wines, quite structured, marked in their youth by aromas of yellow and white fruits, acacia flowers or violets. The mouth is ample, sappy. Over time, other aromas develop

Grenache : This grape variety is originally from Spain. With a good yield, it resists violent wind and drought well. Grenache brings fat, fullness and power to the wines. It gives young wines elegant aromas of small red fruits, and spicier and animal notes to mature wines.


On a daily basis, season after season, the team ensures precise monitoring of the vineyard with mechanical tillage, disbudding to control yields and strengthen the vines, leaf removal,monitoring of maturity before harvest, pruning, etc.

Each generation has made its contribution to the building, with, when the winery was built in 1954, a system of running water along the vats to cool the harvest, a system which has since been modernized with the arrival of efficient refrigeration units. Regular investments are made with the use of presses under inert gas to avoid oxidation and preserve as many aromas as possible, for example.

With complete control over the production of our wines, from the vine to the bottle, we choose the best blends to obtain balance and harmony and guarantee authentic wines and personalized work for each vintage and each client.