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Château Guiranne rosé AOP Côtes de Provence
  • Château Guiranne rosé AOP Côtes de Provence

Château Guiranne rosé AOP Côtes de Provence

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Aromatic, frank and fruity. Aromas of exotic fruits, fresh cherries and

peony with a peach finish. Lively, fleshy and heady. Slightly

tart with citrus notes of rose and cherry. frank finish with mineral notes

brought by our terroir rich in schist.

Au carton (6 bouteilles de 75cl): 6 bouteilles de 75cl

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Taste the exotic

Accompany your meals and aperitifs by following our recommendations.

Grenache 50%, Cinsault 40%, Syrah 10%

Farming Label: Haute Valeur Environnementale.

Located in Pierrefeu du Var, in the middle of the new appelation Pierrefeu, Guiranne.covers about 27 hectares.

The de-stalked and crushed grapes macerate during a short time to extract the colour from the skin and the flavours from the pulp. Then the grapes are gently pressed in a low-pressure bag press. Juices ferment at low temperature in stainless steel vats sprayed with cold water. This long process maintains the youth and the flavour of the rosé wine.

Mainly composed of shale and sandstone, the domaine’s Permian soils are poor and thus require the wines to take root deeply. This allows them to benefit from the full characteristics of the land. The grapes flourish under the Mediterranean sun, which enables them to acquire their full flavor.

The ideal temperature to be served: 10° to 13°C.

Lively and fleshy. Lightly acidulous with a hint of citrus and cherry. Owing to our soil which is rather schisty, the final remains frank with a mineral tinge.

As an aperitif with little vegetables and Provencal custards or with Sausage and meat pies. It perfectly suits seafood dishes, Mediterranean or exotic ones and Japanese meals.